Ride & Price

Welcome to FlowHouse Wildwood!

The Double FlowRider® at Flow House Wildwood creates a safe, non-curling, endless wave that is fun to ride. 30,000 gallons of water a minute flow as fast as 25 mph which generates a thin, fast moving sheet of water over an elastic surface like a trampoline. Riders can carve up the waves and throw water with amazing turns, emulating the maneuvers of their favorite athletes from other board sports. 

Kids and adults love the Double FlowRider and will stay on it all day long. Our professional instructors are always on hand to teach new riders to flowboard or bodyboard. We will assure you learn the skills you will need before showing off a variety of cool tricks and moves you see all  the pro's doing.
Ride Times:
Our hours for Flow House Wildwood are generally 6 PM until close, subject to change due to weather. Our closing time is subject to change so we recommend that you call ahead.  The FlowRider is available for open riding in the evening for just $30 per rider.  During the day, the Flowrider hours are generally 10:00am-6:00pm and is included with admission to Splash Zone Waterpark.  For more information call us at (609) 729-5600

FlowRider Membership
Unlimited Riding on FlowRider during non-water park hours all season

FlowRider Nightly Rates
$30 for Open Riding

Private Parties
One Hour: $350.00
Each Additional Hour: $300.00 

Cold night? rent a wetsuit for $5.00 per hour or $10.00 for the night
 Need a break from your high energy flowboarding session? Come relax in one of our private cabanas complete with 40-inch flat screen TV's and Wi-Fi. Our Flow House waitstaff will be happy to serve you the finest food and refreshments.
Private Cabanas are available starting at $24.95 per night